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Intergrated Appliances

What Are Intergrated Appliances?
Intergrated appliances typically include fridges, dishwashers, washing machines or dryers - which have a custom built in panel to match the other cabinetry panels in your kitchen or laundry.

  • Sleek appearance 

  • Match with cabinets

  • Not noticeable

  • Shallow depth and loss of storage space

  • More expensive

  • Longer installation time 

What are Freestanding Appliances?

Freestanding appliances stand on their own and have dimensions which are typically larger. They can be removed if you move house.

  • Less expensive 

  • More flexibility

  • More storage space

  • Less custom look 

  • Bulkier appearance 

  • Protrude past cabinetry 

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