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There are a few different options when it comes to choosing your splash-back.

They vary in styles, installation and price. Which one would you pick?

The most popular choice at the moment is stone. Clients will continue to run the same stone from their bench-tops. It is slightly more expensive than tiles, however, by the time you pay for the tiles, labour, adhesives and grout - it works out to be similar in price. And it is easier to clean.

Some clients still prefer tiles to add another texture element to the space. However, I usually see darker grout in lieu of white, as it's easier to keep clean.

Another option (if possible) is a long narrow window. This is a great way to introduce light to the space, and also makes cleaning easy.

I don't see many new projects with mirrored or acrylic splash-backs as much as there was in the past. Clients used to pick acrylic to add a splash of colour. And a mirrored splash-back gives the appearance of more space, and is also easier to clean than tiles.

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