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To Shelf? Or Not To Shelf? - That Is The Question

I get asked about open shelving in almost every consultation.

Here is a quick Pro's & Con's list for you to consider with shelving:


Aesthetically, it can make the kitchen feel bigger because of the openness layout. It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your cook books, plants, dishware or anything else that you like. It also gives you the ability to change those items around. It can also help break up a room in terms of colour, and helps tie in other finishes and colours.

Affordability, they are generally less expensive than overheads cabinets (depending on size and colour). This makes it more attractive to clients who are on a tight budget.


Installation & Weight Capacity, you will need to absolutely need to have noggs in the wall to act as supports when installing shelving, otherwise it will just rip straight off the plaster. So, you may need to remove plaster to add the supports in, then re-plaster the area. Even with the supports, you will still be limited to what you can place on them.

Cleaning & Dusting, you will have to do a lot of this, particularly if the shelving is near a cook top (as it will build up grease over time). Depending on what you have displayed on your shelving - this could take you 5mins. However, if you have a lot of smaller items that also need cleaning, then you may not have the time. Size, compared to overheads is usually narrower, so you may lose some storage opportunity.


If you would like to add some character to your space, with books, plants or dishware using shelving. Then be prepared to clean and dust from time to time. If that is something you accept, then go for it. They look great!

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